Parking Lot Installation, Stroud Industrial Park, Stroudsburg, Pa.

Marki took on a large excavation job to allow for the construction of three new buildings at this location. Potential drainage issues were investigated and were successfully addressed. Water, sewer and gas lines were laid and hook-ups to municipal services were accomplished. The paved area required a sufficient amount of base and finished paving product to withstand the potential “heavy load” traffic. The finished project also included installation concrete curbing and sidewalks.

Bob Marki and crew paving the parking lot at Stoud Industrial Park
A picture of the grading and seeding for grass between the buildings
A perspective shot of the parking lot as it fits with the other buildings at the Industrial Park
A picture of a member of the crew compacting the alphalt close to the curbing
A picture of the left side of the building with addition paving and grading
A picture of the parking lot after being painted for parking and handicap zones