A Pictute of Bob Marki excavating for an addition in Monroe County


“Excavating” includes a myriad of services and operations. We are equipped to handle them all. Our fleet of trucks and extensive variety of equipment are ready and able to complete every segment of your excavation project

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A picture of a completed parking lot in allentown pennsyslvania


Driveways, Walkways, Parking Lots, Roads -- We will design, excavate and lay down a brand new, properly fabricated surface, or rejuvenate an existing surface rematerializing its surface or repairing cracks and pot holes.

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A picture of the crew pouring a concrete slab at a commercial site

Concrete Work

The earliest users of concrete were the ancient Romans. This strong, durable stone-like material has withstood the test of time. That is why L. Marki & Son chooses it when fabricating traditional sidewalks and curbing; structural columns, foundations, flooring and more. Concrete gives your project longevity and value.

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A picture of a demolition of a residential structure in east stroudsbug, pa


When demolition occurs, it is usually a sign of coming growth, expansion, or renewal. It may also be a way to eliminate an unstable, unsafe structure. Site work, including earthwork, erosion control, and drainage is often part of a demolition project.

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A picture of a stone retaining wall

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls may look like simple stacked stone, but actually they are carefully engineered structures allowing for appropriate drainage and to fight a battle with gravity. Properly constructed walls add structural integrity to a challenging landscape and can enhance the beauty of your property.

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A picture of a two story modular home by ApexHomes

Modular Homes

Some still have an old perception that modular homes are similar to mobile park trailers. Not true! Even though modular homes are sectional prefabricated houses consisting of multiple sections called modules, Apex homes are easily customized and offer unlimited options and upgrades. Apex works closely with the new homeowners and L. Marki and Son to achieve their dream home.

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A picture of the newest of the trucking fleet.


We will safely and efficiently transport your materials to the job site. And, through our network of excellent, fair-priced suppliers, we are able to provide the product(s) you need and deliver them on time.

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A picture of Bob and his crew plowing a catholic school parking lot

Commercial Snow Plowing

Here in Northeastern Pennsylvania you don’t ask “if” we will have snow, we ask “when” we will have snow! Be prepared! We can put you on our snow plowing schedule so when the snow falls, we will be there to take care of it for you.

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