Asphalt, Macadam, Blacktop – no matter what you call it, L. Marki & Son is able to construct your roadway or parking lot from scratch. We used 19 mm Super Pave when constructing a roadway at the Nazareth YMCA. If repairs are necessary, we can rehabilitate paved surfaces that are deteriorated, cracked, or pavement that is unacceptable for other reasons by cold planing / asphalt milling. Or, it may only be necessary for us to fill and seal cracks and crevices.

A parking lot riddled with pot holes does not bring happy customers into your business. A quick patch or resurfacing of your parking lot can change their attitude and bring you smiling buyers.

Curb appeal is one of the most important ways to increase the value of your property. Adding a new or repairing an old, damaged walkway or driveway will add to the beauty of your home or business.

We focus on both Commercial and Residential paving projects. L. Marki has done extensive paving projects for Timber Hill Community Association at Alpine Mountain, and both the Nazareth and the Slate Belt YMCA’s, as well as, numerous residential driveways running from the street to the garage.

We have the connections and will arrange to have your line painting done and done right and on time.

Perhaps you just need driveway stone. We can provide all types: 2A, 2B, 1B, Pea Gravel or any other special sizes you require.