Analomink Lake House

Before construction could begin on the expansion plans for this Analomink Lake Home it required L. Marki’s excavation expertise. Excavation for this addition was an exacting operation. Care was needed not to compromise the existing building or its foundation.

To allow for proper drainage, as well as, adding to the esthetics of the property, the ground was reshaped and graded. The construction of rock retaining walls added a new and beautiful dimension to the home’s landscape. After construction, a newly fashioned driveway using the rounded fragments of pea-size stone (commonly called pea stone) gave the home site a fresh, new, manicured appearance. The completed project also included a new, state-of-the-art septic system.

Addition to the home which L.Marki & Son did the original excavation
Stone Retaining wall, East Stroudsburg
Hand Rail and shaled area
a rock wall with a shaled area surrounding it
A rock retaining wall with a shale mulch around
Shaled area and rock walls