Retaining Wall, Cherry Valley

This area was being eroded by time and the elements. The side entry steps were collapsing. Something needed to be done! After careful analysis, it was decided to create a retaining wall with proper drainage and expert construction. We were able to use stone and boulders recently removed from another project, thereby saving our customer some added expense. After doing the design work, the project began by hauling in 1,000 tons of stone for the walls and truckloads of top soil for the terraced planting areas. With our armada of equipment brought in, we were able to complete this project in less than two weeks. This property is now structurally sound and the property itself has been beautified with a magnificent landscape feature. Check back to see photos of the eye-catching, matured plantings on the terraced areas of this retaining wall.

Retaining in its beginning stages
A picture of the very first row of stone on this massive retaining wall
A picture of the top of the retaining wall seeded for grass
Side view of retaining wall when first starting the project
A picture of one of the four planting areas contained in the retaining wall
A picture of the completed retaining wall