Parking Lots and Sidewalks, Center for Independent Living, 13th Street Allentown, Pa.

The Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living in Allentown, Pennsylvania,was in need of additional parking spaces. L. Marki converted large grassy open land into two separate parking areas totaling approximately a block and a half of additional parking for the center.

Care was taken to create the necessary drainage system to preserve the stability of these new surfaces. Then a substantial base was laid to provide the proper underpinning for what was anticipated to be a well-used parking lot. The project was completed with line painting and the installation of cement curbing and sidewalks.

Picture of the smaller second parking lot installed along with sidewalks and curbing
Picture of sidewalk and grading along the side of the second smaller parking lot
Picture of the side of the larger parking lot, showing the top soil that was spread, the drain placed, and the sidewalk installed.
Picture of the corner sidewalk installed at second parking lot with metal handicapped accessable slabs.
Picture of the drain installed and curbing and the tranistion pavement into the existing highway
A Picture of the larger parking lot installed